5 ways to spook the Halloween bloat away

Feeling sluggish and blah after a weekend (or week) of celebrating the sweet treat holiday? We've got five tried and true tips that will help you come back to life. 

1. Start the day with hot water. After a weekend of binge-eating sweets and/or partying it up with beer and cocktails, it does the body good to replenish it with some much-needed water. Pro tip: Hot water in the morning helps to hydrate and improve digestion.

P.S. For some added flavor and aromatic relief, we recommend our A New Leaf Tea, Bye-Bye Bloat Tea and Second Wind Tea. All three blends are refreshing and can help to soothe the stomach and lift your mood.

2. Don't skip the first meal of the day. Although it's tempting, it's best not to skip breakfast. Even if your body is fighting the urge to eat after heavy eating or drinking, try to just eat a light meal. This will help jump-start your body back to it's normal, balanced routine.

3. Start moving. We've all wanted to stay in bed and just sleep away the hangovers and food comas. However, starting the day off with your daily active routine stimulates digestion and circulation as well as metabolizes toxins to leave your system.

4. Eat clean & keep snacks small. This one is self-explanatory. Counteracting all of the bad food binging by trying to eat protein, vegetables and eating in moderation can help put you right back on track. 

5. Drink water all day long. Keeping yourself hydrated all day long is key. Without water to replenish and rehydrate, you might as well skip steps 1-4. To recover you'll need water to start the day, throughout the day and to end the day. Bottoms up!

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