Why Drink The Stuff?

Because it's good for you. How many times have you heard that answer? I bet too many to count. Well, we're here to give you some great reasons why tea and herbs are good for you.

  • Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are caffeine-free and drug-free and can provide relief from cramps to headaches to sleepless nights. 
  • Not only are herbal teas great for drinking, but they also provide aromatherapeutic healing with herbs like lavender, chamomile and peppermint.
  • Herbal teas can taste great by themselves or you can spruce them up by adding lemon, honey, sugar, milk and more. 
  • They're a heck of a lot better than the over-the-counter processed remedies sold in droves. 
  • Bonus: If you're drinking herbal teas, you're drinking more water. Score! 

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