Prepping for Cold/Flu Season

Hate getting sick? Hate being blind-sided by it all? We've got three different herbal blends that'll prepare you for cold/flu season and see you through the end. 

  1. A New Leaf Tea: Change old habits and detox with A New Leaf Tea. It's blend of grassy green teas, sweet mint flavors and citrus notes will not only taste refreshing but it'll help you hit the 'refresh' button on your health. Contains Caffeine.
  2. Get Well Sooner Tea: Feeling under the weather? Get Well Sooner Tea can put the spring back in your step in no time. This earthy, floral and slightly sweet combination of herbs is just what the doctor ordered. Caffeine-Free.
  3. Self-Defense Tea: If you've been feeling a bit sluggish lately and need to get back on track, Self-Defense Tea is just what you need. This herbal remedy's bursts of citrus and spice is light, sweet and pleasantly aromatic. Caffeine-Free.

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