s t i l l n e s s...in the car

Errica, one of our most loyal customers, (and one of my oldest and dearest best friends) has graciously taken the time to let us know where she finds stillness. If you've already read the title -- you'll find it's an unlikely answer. Happy reading!

To me, stillness is less of an act and more of a state of mind. I find stillness in places that, though not glamorous in any sense, but are safe, secure and inspiring. For me, it’s important that I’m not distracted. The daily task list can not be present, the pressure of what lies ahead isn’t lingering. I’m in a raw state when it comes to allowing my feelings, thoughts and emotions to present themselves. This happens in the shower most times, (see - I told you, not glamorous) where I’m feeling grateful and clean. Clean in the sense that I’m washing off the day, reflecting on the value of it, the conversations I’ve had and how I will do it better tomorrow, of course. The shower is my reset button. Mentally and physically. 

Stillness always happens on my yoga mat, but not in the literal sense here. It’s not when I’m nailing a pose perfectly, or flowing into vinyasa with ease, but with tears flowing down my face after I’ve struggled to find stillness in my busy mind. When I hear my yoga instructor vocalize my fears, and encourage me to be open to accepting them where I am, right there in that moment, it often allows me to crack open my heart and mind where real emotions and vulnerability lie. It’s a moment of mental cleansing and clarity - grounding and accepting. 

My most favorite place to be still, however, is in my car. A place where most feel frustration and rush; I feel excited, joyful and childlike. My commute looks a lot different these days. Where I used to roll from the bed to the office, I now have a job that requires me to travel an hour away from home to visit my clients in their offices. To make the journey more a part of my awakening for the day, and less of a chore, I choose to take long back country roads - something that is plentiful here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I do not take this time for granted. I find my favorite tunes or podcast and set my mind to autopilot. I breath in the wildflowers, the vast landscape, the rolling hills, (yes, Texas has them ya’ll!) the rivers I cross, and the longhorns grazing in never-ending ranches of cacti and green. I truly treasure this time of complete wild abandon, and speed up at the peak of a winding hill to feel the roller-coaster like drops on my descent. I count my blessings as I know there are others cursing the break-lights in front of them. I arrive at work, and home on the return trip feeling renewed with pure joy. 

Stillness doesn’t always happen when you want it to - I’ve learned that it can not be forced, and in our busy and hectic lives it’s more about the journey, than the destination.

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