Top 3 Reasons: Loose-Leaf Tea > Tea Bags

You'd think there's virtually no difference between tea-bag tea and loose leaf tea steeped in an infuser, mesh tea pot, etc. However, there are several distinctions between the two. 

  1. Tea bags include what the tea industry likes to call the "dust" of tea. Dust is the chopped-up remnants of what once was loose leaf tea. Tea connoisseurs will note that the true benefits of tea come from a tea leaf unfurling in hot water. Whereas "dust" tea simply steeps in hot water and there is little-to-no unfurling taking place.
  2. Tea needs room to unfurl. Tea in a tightly-packed bag does not allow for full "blooming" effect. This is why most loose leaf tea is instructed to be served in a mesh tea pot, tea spoon infuser, or a larger size tea bag.
  3. Quality tea costs money. A great, quality tea that has distinct aroma, benefits and taste will be priced accordingly. Discount tea bags can only offer you just that - discounted benefits. Furthermore, because tea bags do offer small portions of tea in small bags, they're more likely to include added flavorings that are more than likely artificial. Because let's face it - what leaf tastes like a peach, a pumpkin or a kiwi?

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