Sleepy Tea
Sleepy Tea
Sleepy Tea
catch some zzz's

Sleepy Tea

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Having trouble catching those Z's and are barely feeling rested the next morning? Then Sleepy Tea is definitely for you. It's aroma brings you instant relaxation while it's flavor is light, with a tinge of floral sweetness, mint and lemon zest. Note: Make sure you've got a good number of hours set aside for sleep -- this stuff has you sleeping like a baby. Caffeine-Free.

P.S. Make sure to add a tea infuser to your cart -- they're kind of important, lol. 

chamomile peppermint leaf
lavender lemon balm

Flavor profile 
Flavor slightly grassy, floral and subtle minty notes
Aroma floral and refreshing minty notes with very slight citrus
Color dark yellow, amber
Temperature 210 degrees Fahrenheit



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