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Ingredients Origin Aroma Flavor Uses
Angelica Root Poland Sweet, pungent and dry
Earthy, slightly bitter and sweet
Relieves constipation, releases toxins
Astragalus Root Eastern China Earthy Sweet, similar to peas Immune boosting
Calendula  Egypt Earthy, floral Slightly bitter astringent, anti-inflammatory
Chamomile Egypt Floral/Sweet Slightly bitter, floral Calming, anti-inflammatory
Cinnamon Vietnam Spices, earthy, sweet Earthy, sweet, warm Anti-bacterial, uterine stimulant, energizing
Coconut Palm Sugar Indonesia, Thailand Sweet Similar to brown sugar Natural sweetener
Dandelion Bulgaria, China Pungent, earthy Green, earthy and slightly nutty Diuretic, mild laxative
Elder Berries Bulgaria Pungent, slightly sweet Sweet, bitter, slightly sweet Diuretic, laxative, promotes the release of toxins
Fennel Seeds India Pungent and sweet Warming, dry, slightly sweet Anti-inflammatory, mild diuretic
Ginger Root India, Nigeria  Pungent, biting Bitter, hot, dry Circulatory stimulant, promotes sweating and release of toxins
Gunpowder Green Tea
Zheijang, China
Earhty, pungent Bitter-sweet Stimulant, energizing, contains caffeine
Hibiscus Egypt, Sudan Pungent, sweet Tart, cranberry-like Lower blood pressure and reduces inflammation
Lavender France
Sharp, piney scent
Herbal, floral, slightly sweet Relaxant, stimulant, antiseptic 
Lemon Balm Bulgaria, Poland Earthy, slightly sweet
Lemon, citric
Calming, anti-depressant, promotes the release of toxins
Lemon Grass Thailand
Lemon, high astringency
Slightly sweet Prevents the growth of bacteria
Licorice Mint United States Earthy, refreshing, slightly sweet
Smooth, sweet & minty
Cooling, anti-inflammatory, refreshing
Marshmallow Root Poland Earthy sweetness Slightly sweet Diuretic, decreases inflammation
Nettle Leaf Bulgaria, Poland Dry, earthy Slightly bitter taste, earthy Astringent, circulatory stimulant, lowers blood sugar levels
Oatstraw United States Sweet Floral, earthy sweetness
Promotes release of toxins, antidepressant
Orange Peel U.S.A., California Citric, orange, warm Sour, slightly bitter Energizing, digestive stimulant
Peppermint U.S.A., Oregon Earthy, herbal, slightly sweet Sweet and refreshing, cool
Relaxation, aids in internal cooling
Raspberry Leaf Bulgaria, Poland Earthy, herbal Very earthy; similar to green tea Stimulant, diuretic, laxative
Rose Petals India Sweet, floral Floral, herbal, slightly sweet Relaxant, anti-depressant, anti bacterial
Rose Hips Chile Floral, slightly tart  Slightly tart, sweet Astringent, helps with urination
Sage Albania, Turkey Pungent, slightly bitter Pine-like, slightly sweet Astringent, reduces perspiration, clears heat, reduces sore throats
Senna Leaf India Earthy and leafy Slightly sweet with bitter undertones Stimulant, laxative
Shepherd's Purse Bulgaria A cross between mustard and garlic Leafy, like vegetable green, such as broccoli Astringent, circulatory stimulant
Yerba Mate Brazil Fresh and crisp, similar to Green Tea
Bitter, similar to strong beers of coffee
Reduces fatigue 


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