A New Leaf Tea

A New Leaf Tea

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Want to make a healthy start? Try our blend, A New Leaf Tea. It's blend of grassy green teas, sweet mint flavors and citrus notes that will not only taste refreshing but will help you hit the 'refresh' button on your health. Green tea naturally contains caffeine. No additional caffeine has been added.

P.S. Make sure to add a tea infuser to your cart -- they're kind of important, lol. 

Ingredients + Benefits:

gunpowder green tea aids in digestion + can increase energy
yerba mate provides alertness
peppermint aids in alleviating nausea + flatulence
lemongrass alleviates digestive spasms + stomachache

Instructions: one teaspoon per 8 ounces of boiling water, steep for 5 minutes. enjoy 2-3 steepings per serving.

Servings: 2-ounce serving makes 25-30 cups of tea (up to 90 cups with 2-3 steepings per serving). 1-ounce serving makes 10-15 cups of tea (up to 45 cups, with 2-3 steepings per serving).

A New Leaf Tea
A New Leaf Tea