Green Jade Tea
traditional taiwanese oolong

Green Jade Tea

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Our Green Jade Tea is a delicious, lightly-baked blend grown at low elevations in the Chinese township of Mingjien. It's aroma and taste are make for a rich, floral lingering brew. Our Green Jade Tea is an Oolong Tea, which is oxidized anywhere between green (no oxidation) to black (full oxidation). Oxidation occurs when the tea is left out, similar to when an apple starts to brown once it's cut open. Green tea naturally contains caffeine. No additional caffeine has been added.

P.S. Make sure to add a tea infuser to your cart -- they're kind of important, lol.

taiwanese oolong tea

Taste profile
full-bodied floral
lightly toasted grassy notes
light yellow, amber
170 degrees Fahrenheit


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