Matcha Latte Tea
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Matcha Latte Tea

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Love Matcha? Try our blend, Matcha Latte Tea. It's the perfect blend of Japanese Matcha and raw sugar that's ready for mixing and sipping. Green tea naturally contains caffeine. No additional caffeine has been added.

P.S. Make sure to add a tea infuser to your cart -- they're kind of important, lol. 

japanese matcha green tea
raw sugar
fruit pectin

Taste profile
light and grassy with hints of sweetness
grassy with slight honey notes
gorgeous, bright grassy green
170 degrees Fahrenheit

  1. Pour two ounces of hot water into a cup. Then, stir in one small tea spoon scoop of matcha latte. (Make sure to stir real well until the matcha latte dissolves.
  2. Add 8-10 oz of steamed milk, chilled milk and ice, coconut milk or almond milk. Mix a bit more if you it needs to be dissolved further.
  3. Enjoy!

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