Tip-Top Shape Tea
Tip-Top Shape Tea
Tip-Top Shape Tea

cleanse + re-boot

Tip-Top Shape Tea

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Looking for a gym buddy? Want to get in shape? And not just concerned about looking good, but want to feel good, too? Tip-Top Shape Tea can help provide a boost to your active routine. Tip-Top Shape Tea provides the perfect mix of herbal, citrus and cinnamon. Caffeine-Free.

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Ingredients + Benefits*:

nettle leaf cleanses + revitalizes
senna leaf can aid in stimulating bowel movements
dandelion gently cleansing tonic
marshmallow root naturally reduces urinary and digestive inflammation
cinnamon alleviates digestive upsets + energizes
orange peel helps to remove stagnant energy
ginger root stimulates the stomach + lungs
fennel tonifies spleen, kidneys + urinary tract

Instructions: one teaspoon per 8 ounces of boiling water, steep for 5 minutes. enjoy 2-3 steepings.

Servings: 3-ounce serving makes 25-30 cups of tea (up to 90 cups with 2-3 steepings per serving). 1.5-ounce serving makes 10-15 cups of tea (up to 45 cups, with 2-3 steepings per serving).