About Us

Welcome to Still.

I'm so happy you're here! I'm Yessy Gutierrez (founder) and I'm here at your service.

We're a small shop but we know we've got so much to offer already. Two of which we're really passionate about: 1) providing you with the best quality tea and 2) letting you know how much we care about you by the way we treat you. 

Yes. We sell tea & herbal blends and so do many others. But we're unique. We have a Certified Tea Sommelier certification so we really know what we're talking about.

At Still, we not only love tea, but we believe the answers to your life's desires come with being still. So we've made it our mission to create a high-quality product that is so good your soul. Each ingredient is studied, tested and approved over a year-long process.

We'd love for you to take a moment, and check out our blends, we're sure you'll find something you'll want to try!

Always feel free to reach out to us about anything! We'd love to hear from you via our Contact Form or message us on Instagram.

P.S. When I say "we", this is who I mean. Still wouldn't be possible without the help of my wife and parents, who have spent countless nights with me tea tasting (the fun part), packing and shipping teas, helping me cart my booth around to local markets and countless other tea business.

I couldn't make the dream of owning this tea shop without them and I can't forget Chico, who unfortunately has to stay home while we work on Still but he's there in spirit and for moral support.