Our Favorite Tea Blends for Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year for tea lovers. Brisk mornings, long afternoons and cool nights give us plenty of opportunities to squeeze in a cup – or three – of our favorite blends.

So, let’s raise our mugs to and celebrate spring with our favorite tea blends for the season.

All of our tea blends can be enjoyed any time of year, but these are our favorites for enjoying spring afternoons on the front porch or back garden.

All of our delicious blends can be enjoyed hot or as a refreshing iced tea. Feel free to add a splash of honey or your favorite sweetener to make your spring brew even more delectable. To enjoy iced, brew the tea hot and allow it to cool overnight in the refrigerator before adding sweetener. Make a single serving, or brew a whole pitcher to share with friends.

Passion Peach Tea - Our strongest fruit flavored tea will help you welcome spring. Black tea with peach, mangos, passion nectar and citrus aromatics to create a well-balanced blend.

Just Chill Tea - A soothing blend with a floral and citrusy aroma. Lavender, rose and lemon balm play together to create a slightly sweet and herbal flavor profile. It's the perfect blend to end a busy day of playing out in the sun.

Moroccan Mint Tea - Cool, refreshing and invigorating. Our Moroccan Mint Tea blends Gunpowder Green Tea with spearmint for an uplifting morning pick-me-up.

Keep It Cool Tea - Fresh and cool like an afternoon spring breeze. This satisfying herbal blend combines cool peppermint and floral hibiscus with refreshing orange peel, mildly tart rose hips and stevia leaves.

Second Wind Tea - The days are getting longer. Our energizing Second Wind Tea will give you the boost you need to get through the afternoon. This herbal blend tantalizes the taste buds with its refreshing mint and tart cherry-like flavor.

Orange Spice Tea - Give winter one last kiss good-bye. Our brisk, full-bodied Orange Spice Tea is warmth and comfort in a cup, with notes of spicy clove and invigorating orange. The intoxicating citrus and bergamot aroma will leave you feeling nostalgic.

Blueberry Muffin Tea - A light and sweet tea with a bakery-fresh aroma. White tea pairs with dried blueberries and natural blueberry flavor for a mildly sweet blend with notes of warm honey.

Bobbin’ for Apples Tea - A warming blend of rich black tea with spicy cinnamon bark, sweet caramel and fruity dried apple. It’s the perfect complement for a spring morning.

Wildflower Tea - Our wildflower tea is the very definition of spring. An infusion of floral and citrus flavors awakens your taste buds while lightly roasted oolong gives you the kick you need to greet the day. Soothing chamomile, delicate rose and refreshing citrus blend with Taiwanese oolong for a delicious earthy blend.

White + Mild Tea - A berry-sweet blend of Jasmine green tea, Chinese white tea, relaxing chamomile, juicy peach, and tart blueberry. Mildly energizing with a floral and fruity aroma that will instantly transport you to a sunny spring garden.

Orange You Glad Tea - An irresistible blend with just a hint of spice. Zesty orange pairs with delicious fennel and warm anise and cardamom spices. Fig and honey round out this light blend that is as refreshing as a spring picnic on the green.

Yogi Honey Tea - Find your Zen with this calming and soothing herbal blend. Spicy cinnamon and ginger pair with peppercorn, cardamom, nettle, honeybush and fennel. Yogi Honey Tea has a sweet and spicy aroma with a rich flavor that will get you ready for the day.

New Spring Tea Arrivals

This spring, enjoy two of our newest blends: Butterfly Kisses Tea and Peachy-Keen Tea. They embody everything we love about spring.

Butterfly Kisses Tea - A delectable aromatic blend with a flavor as delicate as a spring butterfly. We paired mild white and rooibos teas with warm vanilla, vibrant blue cornflowers, mouthwatering berries, floral hibiscus, and roses for a delicious blend with a bakery-fresh aroma. Hints of peach, blueberry and strawberry make up this tea’s fruity base, with creamy vanilla rounding out its robust flavor profile.

Peachy-Keen Tea - Sunshine in a cup. Our Peachy-Keen Tea is a delicious blend of energizing oolong tea, apple pieces, juicy peaches, and floral marigold. This fragrant blend is the perfect way to greet the morning.

You can find all of these springtime blends and more in our shop. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab a steeper – they're important for brewing the perfect cuppa.

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